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We thank 55+ health systems, representing 1,400 hospitals across the US, for joining Civica Rx to help ensure quality medicines are accessible and affordable to everyone.
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Recent News

Civica Applauds U.S. Legislation to Shift from Paper to Electronic Prescribing Information

I am writing in support of the H.R. 7559, the Prescription Information Modernization Act, which would allow provision of prescribing information in an electronic format, instead of on paper. Civica is a non-profit generic drug company established by U.S. health systems and three philanthropic organizations to reduce chronic drug shortages and ensure a safe...

Martin VanTrieste is named one of Modern Healthcare’s “100 Most Influential in Healthcare”

Congratulations, Martin VanTrieste for being named one of Modern Healthcare's "100 Most Influential in Healthcare."  Thank you for your tireless leadership, whether in the office, on Zoom, at a conference, or on the ground at our future Civica Petersburg manufacturing facility.  You inspire us to do what is in the best interest of patients...

Why Civica?

Over the past two decades, shortages of generic, injectable drugs critical to the lifesaving work of hospitals in the United States have become commonplace. These drug shortages are so ubiquitous that hospitals and health care systems now maintain permanent drug shortage response teams that seek alternatives to unavailable drugs.

As a result, time that hospital pharmacists, technicians, nurses and others would prefer to spend caring for patients is spent ensuring that the patients who most need short-supply drugs get whatever supply is available.

Civica was created to reduce and prevent drug shortages and the price spikes that can accompany them. Its mission is to make quality generic medicines accessible and affordable to everyone.