We thank 42 health systems, representing 1122 hospitals across the US, for joining Civica Rx to help ensure quality medicines are accessible and affordable to everyone. These include:


Recent News

Civica Rx Celebrates Its First Birthday!

Overheard at a recent Congressional Hearing on the reliability of the global generic drug supply chain: “I think it is fascinating to watch what the private sector hospitals in the United States are doing…they formed a nonprofit called Civica Rx in response to persistent shortages of vital life-saving medicines…and they are doing direct contracting with trustworthy manufacturers…with...

Civica is partnering with healthcare systems to ensure that generic drugs are affordable and available as soon as possible.

We are partnering with hospitals and healthcare systems to (1) prioritize production of generic drugs and (2) purchase Civica generic drugs, based on hospital systems’ clinical needs.

  • We are creating market stability by procuring or manufacturing the products required by our hospital systems
  • We are guaranteeing volumes for our hospitals and health system partners for each drug we manufacture

Civica is focusing on bringing value — in supply, quality, and price — to the market

  • We are establishing long-term partnerships that will allow us to guarantee predictable, long-term supply
  • We are providing our suppliers with long-term, predictable volumes
  • We are working with trusted, FDA-approved manufacturers with high-quality track records. We are embedding a collaborative, rigorous quality assurance process with each partner and will have a single price point for each drug, regardless of health system size
  • We are assuring that our prices are transparent and competitive

Civica is serving as a check in the generic manufacturing industry

  • We are fixing broken markets by applying for Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDA) for each drug we manufacture
  • We are having the R&D expertise necessary to enter identified drug markets and develop medications that our patients need
  • We are partnering with our governmental and regulatory agencies to assure we are working together in a way that benefits our patients