January 18, 2018

A preview of the Civica to come…

Chronic drug shortages and high prices have been impacting hospitals and patients for nearly two decades

A number of leading U.S. hospital systems announced plans for an ambitious project: They will band together to create a non-profit drug company to provide essential generic drugs to hospitals.

THE PROBLEM: “Unfortunately, when a supplier is able to concentrate market power with [essential generic] drugs, they are able to wield an exorbitant amount of influence on the price.”

THE SOLUTION: “If we could capitalize a not-for-profit generic drug company, that would act as a societal asset… this company could go into these markets and successfully challenge for these markets, bringing competition back into what used to be vibrant competitive markets.”

Dan Liljenquist,
Senior Vice President of Intermountain Healthcare

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Dan Liljenquist podcast
Hear more from Dan Liljenquist on “Addressing Generic-Drug Market Failures — The Case for Establishing a Nonprofit Manufacturer”

September 6, 2018

Civica is launched!
A groundbreaking effort to make essential medications available and affordable

Civica was launched by 7 Health Systems…
Catholic Health Initiatives (now CommonSpirit Health), HCA Healthcare, Intermountain Healthcare, Mayo Clinic, Providence St. Joseph Health, SSM Health and Trinity Health

…and 3 Philanthropies:
The Gary and Mary West Foundation, Laura & John Arnold Foundation, and Peterson Center on Healthcare

a hospital patient wearing a scarf

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Million in Capital
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